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Bianca Morales


Bianca Morales is a renown recording and performing jazz vocalist and composer. For more info, click the navigation bar Bianca Morales.


The New F.F. Band


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See and hear the band live on our site here, click the navigation bar Video !


"Our Party-Funky Party" with Bianca Morales & The New F.F. Band, performig original Funk, Pop and Jazz music with a twist of soul and R n B. This is real groovy music for groovy people!


Bianca´s hits such as Our Party, Get Up and Dance, It's The Funky Music, Angel Jane and Real Life bring back the good memories of the 80´s. Funk, Pop and groovy jazz tunes will surely lure the people from the bar to the dance floor.

Bianca Morales is a renown Finnish-Afro Cuban recording and performing jazz vocalist and composer, who tours regurlarly in Finland and abroad. Some members of The New F.F. Band are original musicians both from the album ”Our Party” and the touring band from the mid 80´s. Our Party album on iTunes and Our Party on Spotify. Bianca was well-established after Bianca Morales & The F.F. Band won the MTV 3’s (one of Finland’s main national TV channels) Spring Tune Contest in 1984 with an original composition that Bianca co-wrote, a reggae tune titled “Our Party.”


Bianca Morales – vocals, William Suvanne – saxophones, flute, Sami Virtanen – guitar, Jussi Liski – keyboards,

Jan-Olof Strandberg – bass, Jartsa Karvonen – drums.


Bianca Morales pop jpg   Bianca Morales, vocals  Bianca on Facebook


William Suvanne jpg    William Suvanne, sax & flute  William on Facebook


Jan-Olof Strandberg jpg    Jan-Olof Strandberg, bass  Jan-Olof Strandberg on Facebook


Jartsa Karvonen jpg    Jartsa Karvonen, drums  Jartsa on Facebook


Jussi Liski jpg     Jussi Liski, keys  Jussi Liski on Facebook


Sami Virtanen jpg     Sami Virtanen, guitars



Bianca Morales & Zhenia Gimer duo

 Happy jazz and latin standards and originals. At our Swinging Fun Jazz Parties You have The license to sing and dance!


Bianca Morales jpg        Bianca Morales, vocals  Biancan FB-sivu


Zhenja Gimer jpg       Zhenia Gimer, piano  Gimerin FB-sivu


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New CD release in May 2019

Hockus Kockus MusikKalas CD med Bianca Morales & FlyttFåglarna. Preview already available at NimbitMusic

Bianca Morales & The New F.F. Band

Check the band live, click on Video

Bianca Morales & The New F.F. Band on m/s Finlandia. Friday and Saturday Night´s Party Cruises in August 2019.

Swinging Sunday Fun!

Bianca Morales & Zhenia Gimer Duo swinging on Sundays on m/s Finlandia 2019. Check out the schedule: Calendar or Eckerö Line






  • December 22, 2019
    M/S Finlandia - Eckerö Line, Helsinki

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